Monday, February 8, 2016

A Constant Love bonus scene

So I know I have been sparse around the blog lately -- I promise, it is because I am heads down on editing A Change of Legacies!

I do, however, have a little extra to offer readers today to hopefully make up for it. Just Jane 1813 has an exclusive bonus scene I wrote, that would have taken place during A Constant Love. The Polonais is a short piece from Captain Stanton's point of view, as he's preparing to engage that ship in battle, and is part of the "Austen At War: Love is a Battlefield" event taking place all month at the blog.

I thought he was the best character to highlight, for the event (aside, perhaps, from Colonel Fitzwilliam, but I haven't done enough research to write an accurate Waterloo story, yet, although it's something I'm intending to revisit when this series is over). And I hadn't really done his POV before, so it was a fun little challenge for me to keep my writing chops sharp while I'm in the midst of so much editing.

There's also a review of A Constant Love, and an opportunity to win your choice of ebook or paperback copy, by commenting on the review.

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