Sunday, November 30, 2014

Substituting Scarlatti

I've been of a mood to post some music today, but it's not the right time for some of the pieces I want to share. Here's a beautiful piece by Scarlatti, though, that shows why he ended up being a very fine substitute for Schubert (at least for now) in "A Constant Love". I make no claims that Georgiana plays nearly so well as Vladimir Horowitz, because, I mean, he's Vladimir Horowitz, but the level of difficulty indicates the skill level she's willing to attempt.

It also sounds completely reinvented on the piano, compared to how it would have sounded when first played, on harpsichord.

That’s Right, it’s a Post About Privies

Yep, I decided to go there. My latest for Austen Authors is a post about where people went when they, well, had to go , during the Regency...