Saturday, February 28, 2015

Publishing (and writing) update

So my initial goal for publishing A Constant Love was to have it done by the end of 2014. That goal has obviously gone off the rails a bit.

The Kindle version does exist on one Kindle -- mine -- and I think I am on my fourth or fifth read of it now, and still finding tiny things I want to correct. I need to get through a relatively clean read before I'm ready to publish, so until I do, the re-reads will continue. The result will be a better, cleaner, and more historically correct version than what I posted online, so I'm hopeful it will be worth the wait.

There's only so much re-reading and editing I can take, so I've also started back with writing, working on the sequel to A Change of Legacies. I'm not very far in -- I've no idea how long it will turn out, but I wouldn't be entirely surprised if it matches A Change of Legacies in length. It's already got a working title, too -- A Summer Lost. I fear this is probably going to rope me into needing to have ACL/ASL titles for the fourth and fifth books, too, but I'll probably end up going with it anyway!

The side project

Just what is this special side project I've been working on? I'll give you a hint...