Sunday, March 15, 2015

Restoration Home

So my new television (well, YouTube on television; thank goodness for smart TVs) addiction is "Restoration Home." It's a BBC series where they feature what are generally long-running restorations of historic homes in Britain. Hint: they almost always take longer and cost a lot more money than originally budgeted.

One of my favorites of the houses that have been featured so far is Stoke Hall. It's a Georgian country house (on the smaller side) in Derbyshire. It's now what I think of when I think of Barrowmere Park, right down to the additional wings that could be demolished to make for a more compact and symmetrical house (in A Change of Legacies, the wings are so far gone it is not worth trying to renovate them).

They've had to really strip some of the rooms down, so you get a real sense for the traditional methods that were used in building houses at that time. Even though this was a relatively small country home, there was true style and craftsmanship that went into the homes of that time.

The side project

Just what is this special side project I've been working on? I'll give you a hint...