Saturday, January 2, 2016

An honor for A Constant Love, and a new way to follow me

So I am tremendously excited and honored to tell you all that A Constant Love has been named Just Jane 1813's "Favorite New JAFF Series 2015!" in the blog's Reviewer's Favorite awards for 2015. And you'll have some fun things to look forward to on that blog in 2016, including a Constant Love supplement from a unique POV. I'll link to it here when it's posted.

I also wanted to let readers know that I've now set up a Facebook page, where I'll be posting links to new blog entries and announcing publication of at least two and possibly three stories in 2016, beginning with A Change of Legacies, once I'm finally done editing it. So if Facebook is an easier place for you to follow me, you'll now have that option.

That’s Right, it’s a Post About Privies

Yep, I decided to go there. My latest for Austen Authors is a post about where people went when they, well, had to go , during the Regency...