Monday, December 28, 2015

Less Proud and More Persuasive Giveaway

Entries are now closed for the giveaway. Watch this space for another giveaway when A Change of Legacies is published, though!

Those of you who also follow Just Jane 1813 likely noticed the special surprise on the giveaway -- everyone who commented on the post got a copy of Less Proud and More Persuasive!

I could hardly do such a giveaway there without also offering the same to my lovely readers here, so for a limited time, comment here to get a copy of LPMP. I'll update this post when the entries are closed.

If you've already purchased it, thank you so much! So you also have an opportunity to win something, I'll also do a drawing to win a copy of A Change of Legacies, once it's published, so please indicate whether you'd prefer a copy of LPMP, or to enter the Legacies drawing. LPMP was only published to Kindle, but I can give you an unofficial Nook-formatted version, or a PDF. Legacies will be out in paperback, Kindle, and Nook, just as A Constant Love was, and winners can choose their preferred format.

* Edited to add that if you are unable to comment below, you can also @ tweet me, email me at sophieturner1805 AT gmail DOT com, or message me on GoodReads.

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