Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cover reveal: Less Proud and More Persuasive

When I wrote my writing and publishing update, I noted that I had been considering coming out with Less Proud and More Persuasive, my variation novella, before A Change of Legacies if I didn't think I was going to be able to make my self-imposed deadline of having Legacies out before the end of the year. Legacies still needs A LOT of work simply because it's a LOT of story, and the little novella only needed minor editing.

So...I switched gears to focused on getting LPMP out, and it will be published shortly,  after another round or four of final readthroughs. Here is the cover:

Since the story is told in such a modern voice, although still set in the Regency era, I wanted to go for something more modern-looking on the cover, and so did some dangerous (for me) playing around with font sizes. But I think it worked out.

The cover photo I shot in St. Austell, in Cornwall. I had been at the wonderful little port of Charlestown, which will probably provide a cover photo or two before it's all said and done. I went there specifically to take pictures during "golden hour" (the hour after/before sunrise/sunset; sunset in my case) and as I was walking back to the St. Austell train station, I happened to look over in the woods beside me and there was this spectacular light. I was trying to make a specific train time, so I only stopped to take one photo. I'm glad I did stop, though, because of the many, many photos of groves of trees and woods I've shot, knowing that I would need to source a cover for this story, this has been my favorite. 

I'll make an announcement here when the story is actually published. This will only be published to Kindle unless I see a lot of demand for paperback -- I just don't know that a lot of people would want something of that length in paperback, and publishing to paperback takes a ton of formatting work.

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