Thursday, December 17, 2015

Un amour constant

I'm not sure how many French readers I have, or those who are bilingual, but for those of you who speak French, I have some amazing news. One of my readers has translated A Constant Love!

This will not be published to Amazon or B&N, but will instead sit alongside the original on and Archive of Our Own.

Readers who follow me at AHA may have noticed that the original version of A Constant Love was recently posted for removal from that site. I hope didn't seem like I'd gone back on my plan to have the original version of that still available online; the removal from that site was specific to some of its policies, and I do intend to continue to maintain it on and AoOO, now alongside its French sibling.

The side project

Just what is this special side project I've been working on? I'll give you a hint...