Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Constant Love now available for Nook

So at some point recently, I asked myself, "Why didn't I publish A Constant Love to Nook?" And I didn't really have a very good answer for that question. I have a Kindle myself, and there's quite a thriving market for JAFF on Amazon, so I was much more focused there, but now that that's taken care of, I decided to look in to publishing for Nook.

As it turns out, it's not really any more difficult than Kindle or paperback publishing, and that is to say that all the difficulty lies in all the editing before you start getting serious about a platform or platforms.

So...there is now a Nook version available as well! Now that I've committed to Nook I will be making all of the stories in the series available in this format, too.

That’s Right, it’s a Post About Privies

Yep, I decided to go there. My latest for Austen Authors is a post about where people went when they, well, had to go , during the Regency...