Sunday, March 15, 2015

Restoration Home

So my new television (well, YouTube on television; thank goodness for smart TVs) addiction is "Restoration Home." It's a BBC series where they feature what are generally long-running restorations of historic homes in Britain. Hint: they almost always take longer and cost a lot more money than originally budgeted.

One of my favorites of the houses that have been featured so far is Stoke Hall. It's a Georgian country house (on the smaller side) in Derbyshire. It's now what I think of when I think of Barrowmere Park, right down to the additional wings that could be demolished to make for a more compact and symmetrical house (in A Change of Legacies, the wings are so far gone it is not worth trying to renovate them).

They've had to really strip some of the rooms down, so you get a real sense for the traditional methods that were used in building houses at that time. Even though this was a relatively small country home, there was true style and craftsmanship that went into the homes of that time.

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