Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dear readers part 2 / Dear shipmates

Oh my goodness, thank you all so much! Within hours of my blog post I saw so many thoughtful, delightful reviews of Legacies posted to Amazon, it was pretty overwhelming for me. Thanks to all of you, there's now a counterpoint there, enough that I hope readers still considering whether to embark on the series will not be deterred.

That's what I worried about most, when I thought I'd killed the whole series by leaving in the dreams -- I really wanted to write this whole series, but I feared I'd turned everyone off of it. Whether people liked the dreams or were lukewarm on them, I think what I heard pretty resoundingly was yes, get back to work on book 3!

So thank you most of all for that. I've come to think of us all as shipmates on what I jokingly refer to as HMS Constant Love, hopefully on a voyage together all the way through to book 7. Writing can be a lonely occupation, which I don't mind, normally, but it does really help to know you're all out there, and that you're enjoying it.

And what I hope your reviews will do is help others who are looking for a series like this to find it. There's such a wide range of JAFF out there, and I set out trying to write stories that I would have wanted to read, because I could never find enough of what I wanted to read. I don't know how you all have found my work, but I think that has resonated with many of you, and I hope your reviews will help more people who are looking for it to join us as "shipmates."

With even more love for you all,

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