Friday, March 17, 2017

Evolving "Mistress," a Giveaway, and a hearty thank you

The blog tour officially kicks off tomorrow, but today I'm in my usual spot at Austen Authors talking about "Mistress" (and offering a giveaway). Namely, how all of the feedback from readers helped me extend and improve the story.

And I wanted to say a particular thanks here, for many of the readers of this blog are those who participated in that process. As I write this, "Mistress" has 10 reviews on Amazon, and all of them are five stars. Some of them are from you, dear readers, but some are from those who read the book fresh after it was published.

I am amazed at the reception of this story, particularly because I was worried about how it would be received, with its adult scenes and Elizabeth's having been married before.

I think it comes down to the wonderful expanse of feedback that you gave me, which enabled me to make it a much stronger story. Plot holes were filled, characters were more thoroughly developed, and the sections where I was rushing were fleshed out and made richer.

So THANK YOU. This story would not be what it is today without you!

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