Saturday, July 29, 2017

Pride and Prejudice blog tour

Hello, dear readers! The Pride and Prejudice blog tour is underway!

At My Vices and Weaknesses, you can view a variety of Pride and Prejudice covers I've found, from the beautiful to the absurd.

At Austenesque Reviews, try your hand at finding the differences between my restored version and another version of Pride and Prejudice.

And at My Love for Jane Austen, you can read about the publishing both of the 1813 Egerton first edition, and this new edition.

And I hope you'll join me for the whole tour:

July 27, My Vices and Weaknesses: Guest Post & Giveaway
July 28, Austenesque Reviews: Book Excerpt & Giveaway
July 29, My Love for Jane Austen: Guest Post & Giveaway
August 3, Just Jane 1813: Book Review & Giveaway
August 4, My Jane Austen Book Club: Guest Post & Giveaway
September 4, Diary of an Eccentric: Guest Post & Giveaway
September 5, Laughing with Lizzie: Book Excerpt
September 6, Savvy Verse & Wit: Book Review & Giveaway
September 12, Margie’s Must Reads: Book Review & Giveaway
September 14, More Agreeably Engaged: Guest Post & Giveaway
September 15, Babblings of a Bookworm: Book Excerpt & Giveaway

That’s Right, it’s a Post About Privies

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